CommonsWare Services

Books and training help you to help yourself. However, sometimes, you need to get further faster than you can on your own. CommonsWare can help, with focused consulting services.

Proof-of-Concept / Sample App Development

You are pretty sure that something is possible in Android, but you cannot quite work out how to implement it. CommonsWare may be able to help, by creating a proof of concept or sample app to demonstrate the technique.

Library Development

Need something bigger than a proof-of-concept? If what you want can be split out into a library, CommonsWare may be able to help you by writing that library, complete with documentation and test suites.

Compatibility Testing

If your app is on the Play Store, it will ship to more than ordinary phones. It will ship to touchscreen Chrome OS devices, including tablets and notebooks. This is in addition to traditional Android tablets and the upcoming lineup of foldable phones.

Your app may work fine on these sorts of devices, or there may be issues. If you are not in position to test your app on these environments yourself, CommonsWare can help!

SDK and Library Review

Perhaps your organization is looking to publish an SDK for developers, to integrate with your app, Web service, hardware, etc.

CommonsWare can help you determine whether your SDK is ready for use by the world's Android developers, both in terms of the library that you are publishing and in terms of all of its supporting materials.

Or, perhaps you want to use somebody else's SDK, and you are concerned that it may have privacy, security, or compatibility issues. Contact CommonsWare to get help in analyzing that SDK!

Developer Advocacy

Given that you have an SDK, a developer tool, or some service to be used by developers, how do you help them use what you have to offer?

In many firms, this sort of work falls on developer advocates: engineers who can work the support boards, publish tutorials and other samples, deliver presentations, and the like. In other words, it is the sort of thing that CommonsWare has been doing for Android for a decade.

If you need help establishing or expanding your developer advocacy program, CommonsWare can help!

Questions and Answers

Sometimes, all you need is somebody to bounce questions off of, to find out if your ideas, plans, and implementations seem to make sense.

If that is what you need, CommonsWare can help.

Contract Development

Mark Murphy is available for remote Android software development. You can have one of the world's leading Android experts available in your office, troubleshooting problems, slinging code, and otherwise helping with your projects!

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If you are interested in these or other consulting services from CommonsWare, get in touch!