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These are all of the books that are part of the Warescription! Subscribers can read these online or download PDF, EPUB, or MOBI/Kindle editions for reading offline.

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Second Generation

These books are for second-generation Android app development techniques, focusing on Kotlin and the Android Jetpack:

Elements of Android Q

2019 has given us a new Android version, Q! This book explores what is changing in Android Q that affects developers and their apps, such as the lockdown of external storage.

Version 0.4 (2019-06-18, 102 pages)

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Elements of Android Jetpack

If you are new to Android app development — or are new to some newer techniques — this book will walk you through the core steps for building an app!

Version 0.4 (2019-06-11, 682 pages)

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Exploring Android

If you "learn by doing", this book contains step-by-step instructions for building an Android app, including using the Architecture Components!

Version 0.7 (2019-06-03, 542 pages)

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Elements of Kotlin

Kotlin is the programming language of choice for modern Android app development — this book will help you get up to speed!

Version 0.1 (2018-12-02, 288 pages)

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First Generation

These books profiled the first-generation Android app development techniques, using Java and the Android Support Library:

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

The first and most comprehensive book on first-generation Android app development, covering both the basics and a wide range of advanced topics!

Version FINAL (2018-08-13, 4298 pages)

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Android's Architecture Components

This book covers Google's Architecture Components family of libraries, from Room and ViewModel to LiveData and how they integrate with classic Android app development!

Version FINAL (2019-01-22, 412 pages)

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Android and GraphQL

GraphQL is an alternative to REST for Web services — learn how to integrate your Android app with a GraphQL endpoint!

Version FINAL (2017-08-30, 262 pages)

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