Proof-of-Concept / Sample App Development

Sometimes, you may think that something is possible in Android, but you cannot quite determine how to implement it. Usually, this is the sort of thing where you are “pushing the envelope” slightly or are pursuing some capability that is not that common. Your attempts to find an existing implementation — open source library, Stack Overflow answer, etc. — have fallen flat.

CommonsWare may be able to help, in the form of creating a proof-of-concept sample app to demonstrate the technique that you are seeking.

This service comes in two forms:

Proprietary Sample

Perhaps you want the proof of concept, and you want to keep it proprietary to your firm. CommonsWare can do that, but since nobody else can take advantage of the work, we have to charge you full price.

Open Source Sample

On the other hand, perhaps you want the proof of concept to exist, but you do not need exclusive access to it. In this case, CommonsWare will retain ownership of the code and may elect to publish the resulting code under a suitable open source license and write about it in a blog post or in The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development or another book. This will cost you a lot less than would the proprietary option, as this work can be used to help others.

Interested? Contact Mark Murphy to discuss what you want and to get a fixed-price quote for the work.