Custom Library Development

The proof-of-concept service can help you get jump-started in developing some portion of your Android app. However, such a sample app is designed to point you in a direction, not provide you with a maintainable and documented library for long-term use.

CommonsWare can help you with those too, if desired.

CommonsWare maintains a number of open source libraries. Most of these are focused on narrow slices of Android functionality, to fill some gap in the Android SDK and address problems encountered by Android app developers.

CommonsWare can create a similar library for you, to solve some need with respect to your app.

This library could be proprietary, private to your organization. Or, it could be released by CommonsWare as open source, with you simply providing the initial requirements. In this latter case, the cost to you will be a lot lower, as the code can benefit others.

Each library will come with user guide, documentation, and an instrumentation test suite for validating that the library works as documented.

Interested? Contact Mark Murphy to discuss the area of your app that you would like to carve out into a library that CommonsWare would develop.