Press Information

If we at CommonsWare seem rather quiet, it’s because we focus on delivering value, not chest-thumping or jersey-popping. As a general rule, we do not issue press releases, though we do contact interested media members when something new and exciting is available. If you would like to be included in this list, send an email to with your name and organization or blog.

CommonsWare is happy to participate in interviews — live, via phone, via email, etc. — with one key requirement: the “raw” form of the interview itself may be published here on the CommonsWare Web site. So, for example, an email interview means that the email(s) that make up the interview questions and answers may be published here. A live or phone interview will be recorded, with an MP3 of the interview published here. This is simply to ensure that any quotes or attributed statements are backed up by the original source material.