Privacy Policy

We do not collect information from ordinary visitors to this site beyond the ordinary information Web servers track (e.g., what page was requested at what time). We do not use cookies on the main site, nor do we use third-party ad networks that might serve up or track usage with cookies. If you see any evidence that there are tracking cookies in use on our site, then things are seriously messed up, and we encourage you to contact us at to let us know what you have found.

The Warescription site does use cookies, as do some or all of our third-party payment processors. Our own cookies are solely for navigational purposes on the site; please contact the payment processors for information regarding their privacy policies and use of cookies. We do track additional information for Warescription subscribers, including their email address (if provided) and purchase transactions. Only the third-party payment processors know any details of how subscribers have paid (e.g., credit card numbers); we do not track that ourselves. We will not resell, distribute, or otherwise give out subscriber information to third parties except under subpoena, and we don’t take too kindly to those either.