The Warescription

The Warescription is the gateway to CommonsWare's Android development book and services. For a one-time fee of $45, you get a year's worth of access to book updates and other ways to get help with your Android programming questions.

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Book and Updates

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development is distributed as a digital book, in PDF, EPUB3, and MOBI/Kindle. The book is also distributed as an Android app (APK format), complete with integrated full-text searching.

The book is updated several times per year. When you join the Warescription program, you will be able to download the book in its current version. You will also be able to return to your Warescription page to download updates to the book as they are released, until your one-year Warescription term ends. Whatever you download, you keep, even after the Warescription lapses.

Office Hours

Mark Murphy holds office hours online chats with Warescription members, to answer any Android development questions that he can. Usually three hours' worth of chats (in one-hour blocks) are held per week. The chat transcripts are archived for your use. Chats are held at various times of the day, on weekdays and Saturdays, to try to offer convenient times for as many people as possible.


Usually, hiring a consultant puts you "on the hook" for dozens of hours of time, at expensive rates. Warescription members can book "micro-consulting" with Mark Murphy, where you can request as little as 15 minutes of time, for questions that do not fit the office hours public format.

Stack Overflow "Bump" Service

Stack Overflow's android tag is the single largest collection of Android development questions and answers. However, your questions may "get lost in the shuffle". Members of the Warescription program can, once a week, "bump" a Stack Overflow question, to make sure that Mark Murphy takes a peek at it. He may be able to answer it, or suggest ways to improve the question or places to research to find answers.

Get Started!

To join the Warescription program, you can create an account on the Warescription site. From there, you can subscribe via credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Alipay. Once you have subscribed, that same site will be where you download the book updates, join the office hours chats, and take advantage of the other Warescription benefits.