Turning the Page

The Warescription program will be ending at the end of 2021. All subscribers will get book updates and access to the other Warescription benefits through then. I am expecting to put out one more update to Elements of Android Jetpack and one or two more of Elements of Android Room.

And, by the end of the year, I plan to release the final editions of all of my books under a Creative Commons license.

Three years ago, I had a choice:

I took the first option, because I am stubborn and did not want the Warescription to end that way.

Earlier this year, I had a similar choice:

  • I could plan to write 1-3 books on Jetpack Compose and rewrite around 2,000 pages of second-generation material to use Compose UI

  • I could shut down the Warescription

This time, I am taking the second option. I have few readers now, and Compose-ifiying my books would be a lot of work benefiting fairly few people.

Besides, after over 13 years of writing and updating books about Android, I’d like to try some other approaches. I’d like to do more with this blog, for example. I will still curate the jetc.dev newsletter for Jetpack Compose development. I’d like to get back into my work with code transparency. And I have a few more things in mind beyond that.

So, this isn’t goodbye — it is just hello to different stuff, perhaps for different people.