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CommonsWare wants to help you solve your Android problems!

What You Can Get For Free

profile for CommonsWare at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers Stack Overflow's android tag is the world's #1 source for Android questions and answers. CommonsWare has answered over 16,000 questions over the past few years. Plus there are many other experts helping on Stack Overflow as well. Beyond that, there are other Android developer support sites, beyond Stack Overflow.

What You Can Get Cheap

If you join the Warescription program, you can:

All of those come as part of the Warescription program.

What You Can Get Beyond This

CommonsWare offers consulting services centered around any of the topics on which we publish books or offer professional training. Here are some ways CommonsWare may be able to help you:

If you are interested in engaging CommonsWare to help you on a consulting basis, send an email to