Errata for Android Programming Tutorials

A quick reminder: if you see problems in the book that are not listed here, report them via the Book Bug Bounty program!

ALL PUBLISHED VERSIONS: If you are using the R17 or higher version of the Android SDK tools (and the corresponding Eclipse plugin), the instructions for adding a JAR file to your project have changed. Simply create the libs/ directory and put the JAR in there — it will be added to your build path automatically for both Eclipse and command-line builds.

PUBLISHED VERSIONS PRIOR TO VERSION 2.1: The Patchy example, dominating the second half of the book, uses Twitter as a data provider, but uses the older "basic authentication" model. That is being turned off by Twitter now. As such, Patchy will compile but will soon fail to run. Learn how to get your samples working despite this problem here.

4th Edition (print) - October 2011

Please note that, while the book is accurate for the Android Developer Tools that were current when the book was written, the newer Tools change various bits of the Eclipse instructions. You can find out more in this blog post.

Version 3.9 - August 2011

  1. The "Outside of Eclipse" portion of Step #2 in Tutorial #1 should mention that you need to have a device plugged in or a running emulator before running the ant clean install command.

Version 3.3 - April 2011

  1. The instructions in Tutorial 1 for using Eclipse do not tell you to provide a name for your application, resulting in no caption for the icon in the launcher.
  2. Page 14 has "if we tell Android that we do indeed those screen sizes", which is missing the word "needs" after "indeed".
  3. Page 159 has MenuInflate4 instead of MenuInflater.
  4. Page 172, in two places, has getItem() instead of getView().
  5. Page 167, towards the end of Step #6 of Tutorial 15, says you should be able to build the app. This is a bit of irrational exuberance — the app will not compile until Step #8 is completed.
  6. Page 181 has "Step #1: Create an Register a Stub IntentService", where "an" should be "and".
  7. Page 183 has "that mirror some of the logic", where "mirror" should be "mirrors".
  8. Page 185 has "from the Messenger", which should be "for the Messenger".
  9. Page 193 refers to a "Creating a Service" chapter in The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development, which has been replaced by two other chapters.
  10. Tutorial 18 has an empty "NOTE" in the introduction.

Version 3.2 - March 2011

Due to problems with the Android 2.3 emulator, and the slow speed of the Android 3.0 emulator, it is best to do the exercises with the Android 2.2 emulator. There are some instructions that are slightly out of sync with this:

Version 3.1 - January 2011

Version 3.0.1 / 3rd Edition (print) - August/September 2010

Version 2.8 - June 2010

Version 2.1 - June 2010

2nd Print Edition / Version 2.0 - February 2010

Version 1.9 - January 2010

Version 1.1 - November 2009

Version 1.0 - June 2009

Version 0.9 - April 2009