Seeking Subscribers for Beta Testing

UPDATE: the beta test program is now closed. Thanks for those who joined!

I’m looking for a few beta testers for a new benefit for members of my Warescription program.

To qualify, you need an active Warescription, along with an Android 4.4+ mobile device, preferably one that has a decent screen size (say, 4.5” or larger). Ideally, you also have a decent Internet connection, where downloading 30-50MB files is not a big issue for you. And, you’ll need some time, preferably around an hour, though (hopefully) you will get some educational value out of that hour.

In exchange for clear and honest feedback, you will get a six-month Warescription coupon code, either to extend your own Warescription or to give to somebody else.

If this interests you, send me an email with your Warescription user ID, and I can get you into the beta program.


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