Android 6.0 Runtime Permissions Code Labs

At droidcon NYC, happening at an NYC near you on August 27-28, Larry Schiefer will be delivering a presentation, “Android, May I?”, covering the new Android 6.0 runtime permission system. His presentation is slated for Friday (August 28th) at 10:10am. While augmented reality, annotation processors, and typography are all fine topics in that same time slot, everybody at droidcon NYC should be attending Larry’s presentation.

Later that day, I am scheduled to run a code lab at droidcon NYC, where we will put the runtime permission system through its paces. Come armed with your Android 6.0-equipped developer notebook (and maybe an Android 6.0-flashed mobile device), and you’ll be able to update an existing app to ask for runtime permissions as needed: on first run and if the user asks to do something for which we do not have permission yet.

For those of you who are more of the Washington inclination, I will be reprising the code lab at DevFest DC, though the exact schedule is (ahem) not yet published. I believe the lab will be on Saturday, September 12th. At DevFest DC, I am also delivering a presentation on what’s new in Android 6.0, covering the runtime permissions, the war on background processing, and other bits of goodness (and not-so-goodness) (and downright bad-ness) (but with a marshmallow filling) (and parentheses!) coming our way. DevFest DC is September 11-12, at the AOL headquarters in Northern Virginia.

If you are unable to attend either event:

  • Ask the organizers of your favorite Android developer meetup/GDG/etc. to see if I can do something for your group. That might even be live if you are in the eastern PA/north-central NJ/NYC area. Otherwise, we can look into some sort of webinar.

  • The code lab itself will be backed by a standalone tutorial being added to the next version of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, due out… um… before I have to deliver the code lab. So, early next week. Right now, I’m digging out from under a large marshmallow that landed on my writing plans.

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