Returning to Presenting

Seven months ago, I said that I was going on a presentation sabbatical. I will be starting to deliver presentations again, at least to some degree.

If you run a Meetup, a GDG, or similar grassroots community group for Android development, and it’s in the eastern PA/north-central NJ/NYC area, and you would like me to speak, just ask!

I’ll be starting to submit presentation proposals for larger events in a somewhat larger “home territory”, the Boston/Pittsburgh/DC triangle.

Elsewhere in the US, if I am uniquely suited to help your conference or similar event, let me know. There are a lot of people looking to present on Android app development topics, and I do not want to be stealing presentation opportunities from others. But if there is some subject that you really want covered, that you think that I can cover, and that nobody else is covering at your event, feel free to reach out.

Want an expert opinion on your Android app architecture decisions? Perhaps Mark Murphy can help!