A Presentation Sabbatical

I am going to be taking a sabbatical of sorts from presentations at conferences, meetups, and the like.

In the past year, I have delivered 16 such presentations, including a pair of half-day workshops. I have probably done ~40 presentations dating back to the beginning of 2012. And, since I don’t like repeating myself, most of those presentations were newly crafted for that event, or were substantial rewrites from past presentations.

While delivering presentations helps me to be useful to the Android developer community, I do need a bit of a break to “recharge the batteries”, as it were.

I will eventually return to submitting papers for conferences and such, but probably not until at least the latter half of 2015, and perhaps beyond. There are a few things that I want to get done first. When I return to presenting, I will probably start with events in the local area first, before getting to events on the US West Coast or overseas.

I apologize to anyone who is disappointed in me due to my sabbatical plans.

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