The End of the Webinars

The grand experiment of offering live webinars to subscribers is coming to a close. I will be adding other benefits to the Warescription later this year that will hopefully be of greater value to more subscribers.

In the meantime, though, in addition to the “RecyclerView Basics” and “RecyclerView, Beyond the Basics” webinars that I mentioned previously, there are two other ones available to you.

One is a quick 30-minute primer on getting your app running on Chrome OS using ARC, outlining where ARC is now and how you can start experimenting with it.

The other is a 45-minute discussion of image loaders. Image loading libraries are very popular, with Picasso and Universal Image Loader high on the list. In this webinar, we will cover some criteria to consider when choosing an image loading library. It will also have an in-depth walkthrough of two projects, one each for Picasso and Universal Image Loader.

Nervous about how the newest version of Android affects your app? Consider subscribing, then asking questions in the office hours chats!