RecyclerView Webinars

I have added a pair of one-hour webinars on RecyclerView to my roster of webinars.

“RecyclerView Basics” is an introduction to RecyclerView and how to use it in lieu of a ListView or GridView. The webinar will cover how to set up RecyclerView adapters and view holders, how to respond to click events, and so on.

“RecyclerView, Beyond the Basics” gets into more advanced topics, such as how to have more than one type of item (e.g., headers and detail), how to support choice modes and action modes, and how to modify the contents of a RecyclerView (complete with basic animations).

Note that these, plus my 30-minute overview of JUnit4 on Android, will be held in a private BigBlueButton meeting space, as I switch over to that and away from the soon-to-be-defunct Dozeo.

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