Webinars Woster

(with suitable apologies to Elmer J. Fudd for the blog post title)

Here is the current set of webinars that I am running the next couple of months:

  • Android Studio for Eclipse Users is a quick tour of Android Studio, pointing out key differences between how Eclipse worked and how Android Studio works.

  • What’s New with Notifications covers some of the changes that arose in 2014 related to the use of Notifications, such as customizing them for Android Wear and Android 5.0’s new behaviors.

  • The Leanback BrowseFragment is a short presentation on how to use the leanback-v17 library to create a TV-centric UI, focusing on the BrowseFragment for a two-dimensional nested-list UI for browsing categories of content.

  • Much Manifest Merging will sift through the rules for how your Android app’s manifest is generated from your Gradle build files, your main sourceset, your sourcesets for build types and product flavors, and your third-party library projects and AARs.

Subscribers should visit the “Other Services > Webinars” link in the Warescription site for 80% discounts on these webinars.

Interested in learning Kotlin? Check out the Klassbook for Kotlin language lessons that you can run right in your browser!