Free Android Books for University Courses

UPDATE 2016-08-15: This program has been discontinued. Any instructors who have been in contact with CommonsWare regarding books for later in 2016 will still be able to participate in the program through 2016.

CommonsWare makes its line of Android books available for free to college and university instructors and students for official courses related to mobile application development. This comes in the form of four-month Warescriptions, providing access to all of the books in digital form.

To qualify:

  1. The course must appear in an online course catalog of a recognized college or university.

  2. The instructor of the course must contact and request to join the program.

  3. Shortly before the course begins for the semester, the instructor needs to supply CommonsWare with the number of students attending the course. At that point, CommonsWare will provide Warescription coupons for the students and the instructor.

Instructors meeting the first two criteria can request “desk copies” — again, in the form of a Warescription coupon — by requesting them in email.

If you have any questions regarding this program, feel free to contact CommonsWare at the above email address.

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