Elements of Android Room

Storing data locally is a key part of many Android apps. SQLite is built into Android, but the low-level API that the Android SDK provides is a bit clunky to use.

Google’s solution for that is Room, an object wrapper around that API. This gives us a cleaner, type-safe, reactive API for our database operations. Room is part of the Android Jetpack, and so it is a key element of Google’s recommended “stack” of technologies for building Android apps.

This book explores Room, starting with basic stuff like:

  • Adding Room to your app

  • Defining your entities and data access operation (DAO) APIs

  • Testing your database I/O

  • Using Room with Kotlin coroutines, LiveData, and RxJava

  • Migrating your database schema as your app evolves

This book is published in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI/Kindle formats, for use in your favorite digital book reader. Or, read directly in your Web browser on the Warescription site, complete with full-text searching.

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The Table of Contents

Each bullet shown below represents a chapter. Use the search field in the nav bar to search all of the CommonsWare books to see what they hold!

  • Room Basics
  • The Dao of Entities
  • Room and Custom Types
  • Room and Reactive Frameworks
  • Relations in Room
  • The Support Database API
  • Database Migrations
  • Polymorphic Entities
  • Room and Full-Text Search
  • Room and Conflict Resolution
  • Room and Pragmas
  • SQLCipher for Android
  • Paged Room Queries
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What's New

  • New chapter on polymorphic entities
  • New chapter on full-text searching
  • New chapter on conflict resolution options
  • New chapter on using the Paging library with Room


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