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Widget Catalog: TimePicker

Just as DatePicker allows the user to pick a date, TimePicker allows the user to pick a time. This widget is a bit simpler to use, insofar as you do not have the option of the integrated CalendarView as you do with DatePicker. In other respects, TimePicker follows the patterns established by DatePicker.

Note that TimePicker only supports hours and minutes, not seconds or finer granularity.

Key Usage Tips

With DatePicker, the act of supplying an OnDateSetListener also required you to supply the year/month/day to use as a starting point. TimePicker is more intelligently designed: setting the OnTimeSetListener is independent from adjusting the hour or minute.

As with DatePicker, TimePicker works well with Calendar and GregorianCalendar, in terms of setting and getting the hour/minute/second from the TimePicker and converting it into something you can use in your code.

There is a bug in which your OnTimeSetListener is not invoked when the user changes between AM and PM when viewing the TimePicker in 12-hour display mode.

A Sample Usage

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Visual Representation

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