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Using the Camera via 3rd-Party Apps

Most Android devices will have a camera, since they are fairly commonplace on mobile devices these days. You, as an Android developer, can take advantage of the camera, for everything from snapping tourist photos to scanning barcodes. If you wish to let other apps do the “heavy lifting” for you, working with the camera can be fairly straightforward. If you want more control, you can work with the camera directly, though this control comes with greater complexity.

You can also record videos using the camera. Once again, you have the option of either using a third-party activity, or doing it yourself.


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the core chapters, particularly the material on implicit Intents. You also need to read the chapters on the ContentProvider component, particularly the coverage of FileProvider.

Being Specific About Features

If your app needs a camera — by any of the means cited in this chapter – you should include a <uses-feature> element in the manifest indicating your requirements. However, you need to be fairly specific about your requirements here.

For example, the Nexus 7 (2012) has a camera… but only a front-facing camera. This facilitates apps like video chat. However, the implies that you need a high-resolution rear-facing camera. Hence, to work with the Nexus 7’s camera, you need to:

At runtime, you would use hasSystemFeature() on PackageManager, or interrogate the Camera class for available cameras, to determine what you have access to.

Note that if you want to record audio when recording videos, you should also consider the android.hardware.microphone feature.

Still Photos: Letting the Camera App Do It

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Permissions and Third-Party Camera Apps

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A Matter of Orientation

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Scanning with ZXing

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Videos: Letting the Camera App Do It

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Using a Camera Library

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Directly Working with the Camera

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