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Tutorial #5 - Creating a Layout

Later in these tutorials, we are going to allow the user to write down notes related to the book. These notes will be stored in a database and can be viewed, modified, or deleted as the user sees fit.

In this tutorial, we are going to set up the layout resource to allow the user to fill in these notes.

This is a continuation of the work we did in the previous tutorial.

You can find the results of the previous tutorial and the results of this tutorial in the book’s GitHub repository.

Step #1: Creating a New Layout Resource

Right-click over the res/layout/ directory and choose New > “Layout resource file” from the context menu. This brings up the New Layout Resource File dialog:

Android Studio New Layout Resource File Dialog
Figure 149: Android Studio New Layout Resource File Dialog

Fill in editor as the “Layout File Name”, leave the rest of the dialog alone, and click the “OK” button.

Step #2: Defining the UI

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