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Tutorial #4 - Adjusting Our Resources

Our EmPubLite project has some initial resources. However, the defaults are not what we want for the long term. So, in addition to adding new resources in future tutorials, we will fix the ones we already have in this tutorial.

This is a continuation of the work we did in the previous tutorial.

You can find the results of the previous tutorial and the results of this tutorial in the book’s GitHub repository.

Step #1: Changing the Name

Our application shows up everywhere as “EmPubLite”:

We should change that to be “EmPub Lite”, adding a space for easier reading, and to illustrate that this is a “lite” version of the full EmPub application.

Double-click on the res/values/strings.xml file in your project explorer.

In the XML editor for the string resources, you will find an element that looks like:

<string name="app_name">EmPubLite</string>

Change the text node in this element to EmPub Lite. Then save your changes, giving you something like:

  <string name="app_name">EmPub Lite</string>

Step #2: Changing the Icon

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Step #3: Running the Result

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In Our Next Episode…

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