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Tutorial #2 - Creating a Stub Project

Creating an Android application first involves creating an Android “project”. As with many other development environments, the project is where your source code and other assets (e.g., icons) reside. And, the project contains the instructions for your tools for how to convert that source code and other assets into an Android APK file for use with an emulator or device, where the APK is Android’s executable file format.

Hence, in this tutorial, we kick off development of a sample Android application, to give you the opportunity to put some of what you are learning in this book in practice.

About Our Tutorial Project

The application we will be building in these tutorials is called EmPubLite. EmPubLite will be a digital book reader, allowing users to read a digital book like the one that you are reading right now.

EmPubLite will be a partial implementation of the EmPub reader used for the APK version of this book. EmPub itself is a fairly extensive application, so EmPubLite will have only a subset of its features.

The “Em” of EmPub and EmPubLite stands for “embedded”. These readers are not designed to read an arbitrary EPUB or MOBI formatted book that you might download from somewhere. Rather, the contents of the book (largely an unpacked EPUB file) will be “baked into” the reader APK itself, so by distributing the APK, you are distributing the book.

About the Rest of the Tutorials

Of course, you may have little interest in writing a digital book reader app.

The tutorials presented in this book are certainly optional. There is no expectation that you have to write any code in order to get value from the book. These tutorials are here simply as a way to help those of you who “learn by doing” have an opportunity to do just that.

Hence, there are any number of ways that you can use these tutorials:

Any of these are valid options — you will need to choose for yourself what you wish to do.

About Our Tools

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Step #1: Importing the Project

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Step #2: Get Ready for the x86 Emulator

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Step #3: Set Up the AVD

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Step #4: Set Up the Device

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Step #5: Running the Project

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In Our Next Episode…

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