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Gradle Build Variants

You may think that the directory structure and files involved in an Android Studio project is a bit complicated. In truth, what you have seen so far is actually fairly simple, when you start to consider the real world of product development. Simple apps can get by with simple structures like we have seen so far, but:

In this chapter, we will explore the concept of “build variants” in Gradle and Android Studio and how you can take advantage of them for your projects.


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Objectives of the Project Structure

In the beginning, Android apps tended to be pretty simple, as we only had a handful of devices, a smattering of users, one primary distribution channel (the then-Android Market) and few major investors in the Android ecosystem.

Times have changed.

Now, Android apps for public consumption can be terribly complex, let alone apps for internal enterprise use (which seem to be complex as a side effect of being developed by an enterprise). We have multiple distribution channels, such as the Amazon AppStore for Android and Yandex.Store. We have a billion devices and nearly a billion users. Brands large and small are flocking to Android, bringing with them their own challenges.

The new build system is designed to simplify creating complex Android applications, while, ideally, not making simple Android applications a lot harder. It is designed for scenarios like:

The new project structure, coupled with the Android Gradle Plugin and Gradle itself, makes all of this possible… albeit with a bit of a learning curve.


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Configuring the Stock Build Types

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Adding Build Types

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Adding Product Flavors and Getting Build Variants

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Doing the Splits

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Gradle and Android Studio

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