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Device Catalog: Chrome and Chrome OS

Ever since Android and Chrome were moved under the same executive within Google, rumors abounded that Android and Chrome OS would merge in one form or fashion.

In 2015, Google started down that path, offering the ability for developers to start packaging Android apps to run on Chrome OS. And — albeit via a different mechanism — some Chrome OS devices now offer the Play Store and users can install compatible apps from there.

The exact number of Chromebooks that have been sold is subject to some debate. One analyst pegged business (B2B) Chromebook sales in the first half of 2015 at around 2 million, with an upbeat, pro-Chromebook spin. Another analyst indicated that total sales for Chromebooks in 2014 were 6 million, a tiny percentage of PC/laptop sales. In mid-2016, IDC estimated that Chromebook sales for the first quarter of 2016 were around 2 million, exceeding the sales of Apple’s line of Mac notebooks. But one analyst is predicting 17 million Chromebooks to be sold in 2023, which suggests that growth will be modest.


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How This Works

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Testing Your App on Chrome OS

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Be Prepared To Be Wiped Out

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Compatibility and Your App

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Your App on Chrome OS

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Distribution Options

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Getting Help

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