The following is the first few sections of a chapter from The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development, plus headings for the remaining major sections, to give you an idea about the content of the chapter.

Device Catalog: Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Amazon has joined the TV set-top box fray with the Fire TV and, more recently, the Fire TV Stick. These devices are powered by FireOS, Amazon’s variation of Android. And, as with other Amazon FireOS devices, like the Kindle Fire tablet series, you can write apps that run on Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.

This chapter will review these devices from a developer’s standpoint, to help you create apps for this platform.


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the core chapters of this book. Reading the chapter on the ten-foot user interface is also recommended, either before or after this chapter.

Also, some sections will make reference to Android TV as a point of reference.

Introducing the Fire TV Devices

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What Features and Configurations Do They Use?

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What Is Really Different?

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Casting and Fire TV

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Getting Your Development Environment Established

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Working with the Remote and Controller

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How Does Distribution Work?

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Getting Help

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