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Custom Dialogs and Preferences

Android ships with a number of dialog classes for specific circumstances, like DatePickerDialog and ProgressDialog. Similarly, Android comes with a smattering of Preference classes for your PreferenceActivity, to accept text or selections from lists and so on.

However, there is plenty of room for improvement in both areas. As such, you may find the need to create your own custom dialog or preference class. This chapter will show you how that is done.

We start off by looking at creating a custom AlertDialog, not by using AlertDialog.Builder, but via a custom subclass. Then, we show how to create your own dialog-style Preference, where tapping on the preference pops up a dialog to allow the user to customize the preference value.


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the chapter on dialogs, along with the chapter on the preference system. Also, the samples here use the custom ColorMixer View described in another chapter.

Your Dialog, Chocolate-Covered

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Preferring Your Own Preferences, Preferably

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