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Audio Recording

Most Android devices have microphones. On such devices, it might be nice to get audio input from those microphones, whether to record locally, process locally (e.g., speech recognition), or to stream out over the Internet (e.g., voice over IP).

Not surprisingly, Android has some capabilities in this area. Also, not surprisingly, there are multiple APIs, with varying mixes of power and complexity, to allow you to capture microphone input. In this chapter, we will examine MediaRecorder for recording audio files and AudioRecord for raw microphone input.


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the core chapters of this book. Having read the chapter on audio playback is probably also a good idea. And, for the section on playing back local streams, you will want to have read up on content providers, particularly the chapter on provider patterns.

Recording by Intent

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Recording to Files

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Recording to Streams

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Raw Audio Input

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Requesting the Microphone

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