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Appendix D: Community Theater and the Appinars

In addition to the book chapters themselves and the related source code for the sample apps, you also have access to “appinars”. Appinars are app-based training, blending video, slides with voiceovers, source code samples, and more.

The APK edition of the book has an embedded appinar player, called Community Theater, along with an embedded roster of available appinars. You can browse through those appinars, download the ones of interest, and play them through Community Theater.

Note that this feature is only available if you are using the APK edition on Android 4.4 or higher.

Viewing the Appinar Roster

In the main book reader, the action bar overflow has a “Community Theater” option:

Book Reader, Showing Overflow
Figure 1098: Book Reader, Showing Overflow

Tapping that will bring up a roster of available appinars, broken down into categories:

Appinar Roster, Showing Categories and Appinars
Figure 1099: Appinar Roster, Showing Categories and Appinars

Tapping an appinar brings up details for that appinar:

Appinar Roster, Showing Appinar Details
Figure 1100: Appinar Roster, Showing Appinar Details

New appinars will be added with each book update. Existing appinars might be updated to reflect new content or to fix egregious bugs.

Managing Appinars

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Viewing an Appinar

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