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AppCompat: The Official Action Bar Backport

Approximately 30 months after Google added the action bar to Android 3.0, Google released a backport for previous devices. Referred to here as AppCompat or, appcompat-v7 (after its library name), this adds action bar support to Android apps, going all the way back to API Level 7.

The appcompat-v7 Android Support Package artifact houses AppCompat. Version 21 and higher of this artifact change the way that AppCompat looks, to try to not only backport the action bar, but to backport a bit of the Material Design aesthetic.

This chapter will outline why you might want to use AppCompat and how to employ it in your Android applications.


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the core chapters, particularly the one on the action bar.

Ummmm… Why?

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The Basics of Using AppCompat

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Other AppCompat Effects

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Toolbar and AppCompat

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To Material, or Not to Material

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