The following is the first few sections of a chapter from The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development, plus headings for the remaining major sections, to give you an idea about the content of the chapter.

Advanced Permissions

Adding basic permissions to your app to allow it to, say, access the Internet, is fairly easy. However, the full permissions system has many capabilities beyond simply asking the user to let you do something. This chapter explores other uses of permissions, from securing your own components to using signature-level permissions (your own or Android’s).


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the core chapters, particularly the chapter on permissions and the chapter on signing your app.

One of the sample apps uses RxJava and RxAndroid, which are introduced elsewhere in the book.

Securing Yourself

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Signature Permissions

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The Custom Permission Vulnerability

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Custom Dangerous Permissions, and Android 6.0

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Finding the Available Permissions

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