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Adapter-Based App Widgets

API Level 11 introduced a few new capabilities for app widgets, to make them more interactive and more powerful than before. The documentation lags a bit, though, so determining how to use these features takes a bit of exploring. Fortunately for you, the author did some of that exploring on your behalf, to save you some trouble.


Understanding this chapter requires that you have read the preceding chapter and all of its prerequisites.

AdapterViews for App Widgets

In addition to the classic widgets available for use in app widgets and RemoteViews, five more were added for API Level 11:

  1. GridView
  2. ListView
  3. StackView
  4. ViewFlipper
  5. AdapterViewFlipper

Three of these (GridView, ListView, ViewFlipper) are widgets that existed in Android since the outset. StackView was added in API Level 11 to provide a “stack of cards” UI:

The Google Books app widget, showing a StackView
Figure 730: The Google Books app widget, showing a StackView

AdapterViewFlipper works like a ViewFlipper, allowing you to toggle between various children with only one visible at a time. However, whereas with ViewFlipper all children are fully-instantiated View objects held by the ViewFlipper parent, AdapterViewFlipper uses the Adapter model, so only a small number of actual View objects are held in memory, no matter how many potential children there are.

With the exception of ViewFlipper, the other four all require the use of an Adapter. This might seem odd, as there is no way to provide an Adapter to a RemoteViews. That is true, but API Level 11 added new ways for Adapter-like communication between the app widget host (e.g., home screen) and your application. We will take an in-depth look at that in an upcoming section.

Building Adapter-Based App Widgets

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