The following is the first few sections of a chapter from Exploring Android, plus headings for the remaining major sections, to give you an idea about the content of the chapter.

What We Are Building

By following the instructions in this book, you will build an Android app.

But first, let’s see what the app is that you are building.

The Purpose

Everybody has stuff to do. Ever since we have had “digital assistants” — such as the venerable Palm line of PDAs – a common use has been for tracking tasks to be done. So-called “to-do lists” are a popular sort of app, whether on the Web, on the desktop, or on mobile devices.

The world has more than enough to-do list apps. Google themselves have published a long list of sample apps that use a to-do list as a way of exploring various GUI architectures.

So, let’s build another one!

Ours is not a fork of Google’s, but rather a “cleanroom” implementation of a to-do list with similar functionality.

The Core UI

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What We Are Missing

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