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Defining a Model

If we are going to show to-do items in this list, it would help to have some to-do items. That, in turn, means that we need a Java class that represents a to-do item. Such a class is often referred to as a “model” class, so in this chapter, we will create a ToDoModel, where each ToDoModel instance represents one to-do item.

However, we will not just make a simple Java class for this. Instead, we will make one that is immutable. Immutable classes are ones where you can create instances but cannot modify existing instances. For many Java classes, such as our MainActivity, having it be immutable is impossible or undesirable. However, for models, immutability has some benefits, particularly for helping us keep track of the state of the model (e.g., do we need to save it to the database?). Java does not have a way of making classes be immutable — unlike Kotlin, which does — but through Google’s AutoValue library, we can craft a model that, in practice, is immutable.

This is a continuation of the work we did in the previous tutorial. The book’s GitHub repository contains the results of the previous tutorial as well as the results of completing the work in this tutorial.

Read Me!

This tutorial assumes that you have learned the use of Google’s AutoValue library from somewhere. That could be:

Step #1: Adding a Stub POJO

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Step #2: Linking to AutoValue

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Step #3: Adding the Annotation

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Step #4: Defining a Builder

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Step #5: Adding Properties

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Step #6: Populating Some Default Properties

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What We Changed

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