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Customizing Our Theme

If you look at our activity in a device or emulator, you will notice that the action bar is dark gray. There is nothing wrong with dark gray as a color. However, it is very boring.

When you run other apps on that same device or emulator, you will see that many of them use some other shade for their action bar color. Frequently, it is a color that is tied to their branding. Other times, it is just a color that the developer or designer liked. In most cases, it is not dark gray.

The action bar color is one aspect of our app that is managed by a theme. A theme provides overall “look and feel” instructions for our activity, including the action bar color. So, in this tutorial, we will set up a custom theme, where we can use colors that we prefer.

This is a continuation of the work we did in the previous tutorial. The book’s GitHub repository contains the results of the previous tutorial as well as the results of completing the work in this tutorial.

Read Me!

This tutorial assumes that you have learned the basics of themes elsewhere. That could be:

Step #1: Defining Some Colors

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Step #2: Configuring the Custom Theme

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Step #3: Trying It Out

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What We Changed

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