Office Hours Transcript: 2021-12-14

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hello, Ivano!


how can I help you today?

Hey Mark, well would like to know if you would recommend to use motion layout with compose

I have no idea, sorry, as I have never used MotionLayout

and I have a quality question really important that does not make me sleep


OK, well motion layout is amazing, after I saw this animation I fell in love


well my qualitative question is: I noticed that Fuchsia has a really intense GitHub activity, and as you I guess know Fuchsia support only Flutter, whereas Jack Wharton is working hard to open source compose for iOS in spring (spring the season not spring java for the backend)


is clear that oracle can mean a lot of billions for google, so I am scared that google may push dart in the new year making live the "legendary" Fuchsia, and all the developers will have to learn Dart

Google and Oracle settled on the financial issues a couple of years ago


the rest of the trial is more about "what is the actual answer here regarding copyrights and APIs?"


so Fuchsia that is committing so hard in GitHub and kinda secretive without announcements, is not something I should be afraid




and there are maybe chances the good god Jake will save the comunity

Fuchsia is an operating system. Even if Fuchsia was released tomorrow, it would be years before it makes a serious dent in OS market share, and that assumes lots of things go Fuchsia’s way.


IOW, if they ship Fuchsia, keep an eye on it, but worrying about it now seems unnecessary.

mmh thanks


is really a step back to use dart


and is not that I do not want to learn it, I did already kinda 10 tutorials in flutter, is just not nice


OK thank you Mark


have a nice day

you too!

really appreciated your thoughts

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