Office Hours Transcript: 2021-11-06

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hello, Ivano!


how can I help you today?


good afternoon, I would like to ask you a meta question

you… want to ask a question about questions?


regardless, go ahead, and I will try to answer!

well no, is about the process of coding. you are developer since ages, sometimes I miss a strategy to solve problems, my senior said that if I am stressed out I do not find solutions, and is right, after the working hours without thinking about velocity, I SLOWED DOWN and PARADOXICALLY I was at least three times more efficient, focusing and instead to try to bet changing the code trying to find the solution to a problem. I am wondering what are your thought about this topic, that is really important


did you ever considered to bring your experience to give a forma mentis to junior developer regardless of the language?


my senior that is really good say that stack overflow are tape duck solutions, and I need to go to the root of the causes, and i think is right

I often take a break from working on a problem to let my subconscious chew on it for a while

I see, is used also in Mckinsey this approach, the under the shower thought

showers are very useful for thinking through problems

and uncle bob says that he goes biking as well when has a problem


or walking


yes I need to manage that I give the best of my self when I am relaxed, under pressure I am not efficient, I am faster but my problem solving does not work so efficient


but regardless of a pause do you think that there are some ways to approach coding problems that may help?

possibly, but I do not have a list of techniques

I read a book saying that algorithms are solved with a divide and conquer approach, starting with the simplest use case and adding on top, and this is the strategy I use often, sometimes I do not know how I am implementing the code, but starting out with small steps magically i go through the solution

that can work

my educated guess is that this is a field that people like you which are veterans can bring contributions

in some cases, perhaps

anyway sorry for the rant


are you happy with android 12?

as a user? not really

as an older person, I do appreciate larger touch targets, but I think they went bit overboard, particularly with the notification shade



sorry to say that but as you may know I am quite into the financial world, and there was two three years ago an article from the economist about how google is changed since the founders stepped away, is more about regulamentation and does not have an hedge in terms of creativity as before


but do not know still have to read the book from chet about android

I have not read Chet’s book yet either

well I guess you gonna love, because you followed the dev from the beginning


anyway I really hope in unified solution to develop hoping KMM is going as rumored to implement compose for iOS, makes sense. But I know already your opinion about

I think Compose for iOS is a bit more probable now and that JetBrains might try to build it

I guess is the only way to go otherwise flutter risk to become the standard because more and more plugins are developed, and so the performance improvements


wish you a nice evening, go back to python, in the mere quest of hope to become richer with algo trade,

OK, have a pleasant evening!

thanks as always for your opinion


thanks have a nice day as well