Office Hours Transcript: 2021-10-14

grrigore joined

hello, Mark!

hello, ggrigore!


how can I help you today?

just wanted to say thank you for the help and the great books :)

thanks! I am glad that they all proved to be useful!

even if I’m a little sad that a compose book it’s not gonna happen I respect that :D


and I’m looking forward to what’s next

I expect to still be active in the Android development ecosystem, just in different ways

do you have any recommendations for android apps architecture?


multimodular stuff, libraries

do you have any recommendations for android apps architecture?


other than a unidirectional data flow, not really


I have not gotten into a seriously multi-module project, so I have no relevant experience there

I want to achieve some level of reusable stuff


guess compose will make it easier



eventually, probably that will be the case


in the short term, to paraphrase William Gibson, "the future is here, but it is not yet evenly distributed"

so Compose UI is still pretty early in its adoption by Android developers, so what may be easier for some may be a lot more difficult for others


I have seen a library or two take the approach of shipping both a composable and a View (probably based on ComposeView)


lottie does that I guess


but you can use both compose and xml



yes, though in their case I suspect they do not have their View support based on their Compose code, as their View support has been around for years


the composable-plus-View-wrapper approach would be more likely for a project that is "Compose first" but still wants to help simplify usage by non-Compose projects

I see


well it’s an interesting approach


I dislike the xml appraoch


I find it hard to create customisable stuff or reusable one


maybe because of the lack of experience

yeah, I do not enjoy creating custom views either


with Compose UI, everything is basically a custom view


and so the focus now comes to API design and stuff, for whatever it is that you want to be the public API


OK, that’s a wrap for today’s chat


the next one is Saturday at 4pm US Eastern


have a pleasant day!