Office Hours Transcript: 2021-09-18

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hello, n00b0ftheday!


how can I help you today?

ah, apologies. just new to the subscription and looking around…

no problem! I hold "office hours" chats three times a week, to provide live support

great! I guess I didn’t expect "office hours" to include Saturdays, but I just realized it’s in the calendar…

I try to spread the sessions out across the day, to try to have at least one chat a week at a reasonable time, no matter where the subscriber lives


and this time slot works best for me on a weekend

Really awesome of you to provide sessions like this throughout the week though! Will definitely utilize this when I have questions in future.

sounds good!

One question on a separate topic, however: is the subscription yearly? and is it priced different based on date of purchase?

well, the Warescription program is ending at the end of the year


formerly, your purchase gave you a six-month subscription

What happens when the Warescription ends after this year?

well, for one, I stop holding these chats 😁


beyond that, I will no longer be updating the books, and the rest of the support services, such as the Stack Overflow "bump", will be discontinued



after 13.5 years, it’s time to try something else

Oh, that’s unfortunate news… is this for good?

I do not plan on bringing the Warescription program back, if that is what you are asking

The latest versions of the books will still be available for download even after the program ends?

Okay, most unfortunate…


What will you try next?

Wow, does this mean you’ll be trying to fill the void that Google won’t?

at the least, I hope to write some utilities and demonstration code

(I anticipated something completely different, but glad you will still be in the Android community)

oh, yeah, from that standpoint, I’m not going anywhere

at the least, I hope to write some utilities and demonstration code
Sounds great!

Thanks, Mark! Talk to you again soon.

have a pleasant day!

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