Office Hours Transcript: 2021-08-21

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hello, Ivano!


how can I help you today?

i would like to know if you think is safe to start a project in kotlin that show statistics with the python matplotlib


I found out several platform on the internet,and my raw quick win choice is

I am uncertain if I understand your question – are you looking to embed Python code in your Kotlin-based Android app?


chaquopy would be my choice

I have no idea how to do that, sorry

well was thinking about


by the way are you fluent with compose


I saw you already help on SO

I would not describe myself as "fluent", and unfortunately I have not been able to do a lot of Compose work in several months

yes I saw was looking for some content from you, but not big harm the documentation from google is made in a good way, they are taking really seriously this transition


I am looking for a way to import my existing xml Styles


and found out two libraries


do you know which one is more battle tested?


let me check the libraries before:P


that has some not pleasant limitations…

on the other hand, if you are using Material Components for Android, that may be your only option

the other is accompanist indeed just found


i go for the first one then, I look for interoperability since i do consulting reusability and SOLID are an option:)


thank yu


do you think that there will be some hedge cases that people will still use Adapters with compose? I guess not, will be useful only to study legacy code, right?

I can see some developers electing to replace XML layout-based rows with compsable-based rows in a RecyclerView as part of a migration to Compose UI

i see, as a transition



but, eventually, I expect most everybody to replace RecyclerView with LazyColumn() or something similar

make perfectly sense, in one year making RV will be like boiling the ocean/reinventing the wheel


compose is just clean, and the first real step to a serious Kotlin multiplatform future


Anyway Mark, my excuses if in this period i have been quite demanding, but was not a joke to land to a more senior job, fortunately got good feedback on the first project! I will be much more quiet from now on

you subscribed, so you are entitled to whatever help I can provide in these chats

thanks but you are not a real business service, but a community hero, and do not want to vampirize


anyway have a pleasant evening, i switch to downton abbey the tv series, that luckily my partner find too much intellectual.

OK, have a nice evening!

I go to enjoy the saturday nerd fever


thanks have a nice afternoon

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