Office Hours Transcript: 2021-06-24

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Hello Mark

whoops, hello, Ivano!


how can I help you today?

ehy, this new chat does not have notifications with sound sorry was on another page

if you open the sidebar, there are notification options, but they seem to be mostly for cases where you use @ syntax, like @IvanoNoSpaces


well thanks anyway


I am building a radio button and got a bit frustrated because design asked me to populate the text vertically, below the two circles(i am selecting man and woman)


I noticed that this was not easily achievable without writing a custom view

set the text of the RadioButton to "" and use separate TextView widgets for their captions

so I have almost finished to build constraint layout, with an image that takes the two states, checked and unchecked and then I am going to determine the business logic in the view


but I am afraid I am boiling the ocean, and that maybe there was an easier solution to make a radio button with the text below and customize a bit the stroke of the circle as was required


I tried to use this strategy but the text was not recognized vertically but was appearing horizontally cause could not link to the radio button

I guarantee you that you can put things below a RadioButton


Let me see the local history



If you remove the caption from the RadioButton (by setting its text to ""), you can put a TextView below it. They will not be connected, insofar as clicks on the TextView will not toggle the RadioButton — you would need to handle that in code.


and you can use android:background on a RadioButton to swap in a different StateListDrawable for the checked/unchecked states (along with any other states that you need, such as disabled)

sorry for the time, I got enthusiastic about VIM and applied the plugin do had to disable to copy from history


it does not work to me, this is what I wrote the text is horizontal


                android:layout_marginLeft="@dimen/activity_horizontal_margin" />

                android:text="@string/woman" />

                android:checked="true" />


that is because your LinearLayout is horizontal


if you want a vertical LinearLayout, change android:orientation to vertical


or, get rid of the LinearLayout entirely and position the widgets using the parent ConstraintLayout

oh can i use a linear layout?




contraint Layout?

RadioGroup is a subclass of LinearLayout


i constraint radio group

you may need to keep the RadioGroup – I forget if there is a recipe for working without one

the radio button are children i cannot use a constrain there

I think the RadioButton widgets can be nested further, at least on current versions of Android


so, the RadioGroup could hold a pair of vertical LinearLayout containers, each of which hold a RadioButton and TextView

and if I use a vertical layout, it works indeed that the text is below the first selector, but then the second selector is below the text

right, you need to do something for another axis here

as a nested linear layout as the old times


but at this point it looks to me is better to use an ImageView with two states as I was doing

yeah, in the end, the custom view may not be a horrible approach – it just gets messy when you start to think about keyboard navigation and other accessibility concerns

and in the view/ view model manage the logic

RadioButton was not well-designed

is that it looks strange to me android does not furnish an easy solution


well i revert back to my first solution, a nested Linear layout will not be popular in the review I am afraid

and i put back the VIm plugin

alas, that is all the time that I have for the chat today

are you a VIm /emac fan, mark/

the next one is Saturday at 4pm US Eastern


no, I use Sublime Edit


anyway, have a pleasant day!

you too thanks