Office Hours Transcript: 2021-06-12

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hello, Ivano!


how can I help you today?

heila Mark, I have a question rearding this invoke in the alphabet documentation


when this invoke is invoked?

I do not think that is shown in their sample

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these sorts of in-page Google code snippets usually are incomplete


in this case, GetLatestNewsWithAuthorsUseCase is using NewsRepository, but there is nothing in the snippet showing the use of GetLatestNewsWithAuthorsUseCase itself

I see that but why to put invoke in a suspend function, should not be invoke something that is called under the hood a kind of init



I cannot tell you why they decided to put this logic in an invoke() function implementation

I mean, it does not even compile – invoke() is supposed to return List<ArticleWithAuthor>, and the return statement is returning a Result.Success object

yes that is why i am flabbergasted

documentation bugs are commonplace, particularly with these code snippets


I used to file a bunch of issues in the issue tracker to try to get them fixed, but those issues usually were ignored

good to know, I was thinking documentation were bulletproof

far from it

but I signaled typos more than once


well wish you a nice afternoon


and see you next time, thanks




bye Mark

have a pleasant evening!


you too

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