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CommonsWare is here to help you through the challenges of Android app development, whether you are new to the platform or are deep into a project!

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development offers over 200 chapters of Android knowledge, from the very basics through highly advanced topics. Updated several times a year, it covers Android Studio 3.0 and the latest Android SDKs, including Android 8.0.

Not only does subscribing (only $20!) give you that book plus six months' worth of updates, but you also get three additional books and six months' work of their updates:

CommonsWare also offers consulting and training for organizations looking to advance more quickly in their Android app development efforts.

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  • February 2018: The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development was updated to Version 8.10, with new material on device authentication, fingerprints, and the Android keystore
  • February 2018: Android's Architecture Components Version 0.8 was released, with more coverage of the Paging library, including using it with the Model-View-Intent (MVI) GUI architecture pattern
  • February 2018: Exploring Android Version 0.1 was released, as a new book available for subscribers, offering hands-on tutorials for building an Android app from scratch
  • January 2018: Android's Architecture Components Version 0.7 was released, adding two chapters covering MVI