VideoThumbnailController Video URI duplication?

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At May 2, 2018, 4:26am, Shahood asked:


This is with reference to RecyclerView/VideoTable sample project. In its class VideoThumbnailController, there is a method bindModel in which a video Uri is being obtained through the following code:
Uri video=

Ain’t this a duplication when we know that such Uri has already been obtained by the super class when we executed super.bindModel(row); ?
Would it be a good idea to make videoUri a public variable and access that here in sub class bindModel() method:
Uri video = videoUri;


At May 2, 2018, 10:43am, mmurphy replied:

Ah, yes. This was probably a copy/paste problem when I derived this sample from the RecyclerView/VideoList sample. I will aim to clean this up. Thanks!