Storing data in a fragment

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At May 8, 2019, 10:48am, Pvr asked:

  1. How do I save data(in 2nd fragment) that I pass from one fragment to another , I have Recycler view in 1st fragment.

At May 8, 2019, 11:03am, mmurphy replied:

If it is data that can go in a Bundle, put the data in the arguments Bundle via setArguments(). That way, the data will be retained across configuration changes automatically.

If it is data that cannot go in a Bundle… ideally you do not pass that data between fragments. Instead, you have a repository or other central source of that data, and you pass identifiers between fragments (where those identifiers can go in a Bundle). For example, in the app that we build in Exploring Android, we do not pass a ToDoModel between fragments — we pass an ID value between fragments, and we get the ToDoModel from the ToDoRepository based on its ID.