"Elements of Android Jetpack" Version 2.1 Released

Subscribers now have access to an update to Elements of Android Jetpack, known as Version 2.1, in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI/Kindle formats, in addition to the online reader. Just log into your Warescription page and download away, or set up an account and subscribe!

OK, this took a lot longer to be released than I had expected, in part because Android Studio 4.2 took a lot longer to be released than I had expected.

There are a lot of changes in this update:

  • There is a new chapter, focusing on app widgets, those interactive home screen elements that apps can contribute

  • There is also a new chapter on using library modules, plus a new section on creating library modules

  • The chapter on dependency inversion was moved up one in the chapter sequence, and the chapter on Room was updated to use Koin’s DI implementation for the Kotlin sample

  • The chapter on Jetpack Navigation now also covers the Kotlin DSL

  • The various uses of startActivityForResult() were replaced by registerForActivityResult() and ActivityResultContracts

  • Everything was updated for Android Studio 4.2.2, the current shipping version

And, in addition to all of that, there are the usual suite of bug fixes, to the prose and to the sample code.

There should be one more update in 2021, after Android Studio 2020.3.1 Arctic Fox ships in stable form. That is in a beta right now, so it is likely to be at least a month or two before the stable release.