"Elements of Android Room" Version 0.1 Released

Subscribers now have access to Version 0.1 of Elements of Android Room, in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI/Kindle formats. Just log into your Warescription page to download it, or set up an account and subscribe!

I cover a fair amount of material in Android’s Architecture Components. However, that is a book on first-generation Android development techniques, using Java and the Android Support Library edition of the Architecture Components. And the biggest single topic in Android’s Architecture Components is on Room, Google’s reactive abstraction layer over SQLite.

Elements of Android Room is all about the updates:

  • Updating the material to cover second-generation Android, including Kotlin and the Jetpack/AndroidX version of the Architecture Components

  • Updating the material to reflect newer Room features, from coroutines/Flow to built-in full-text indexing support, probably doubling the total Room coverage from what I had in Android’s Architecture Components

  • Updating the references to external tools and libraries, notably for integrating Room with SQLCipher for Android without the need for my SafeRoom library

This is Version 0.1, so it is a work in progress. I have all of the basics in there:

  • Entity, DAO, and database setup

  • Coroutines, RxJava, and LiveData

  • Migrations

  • And so on

More advanced topics will be added in the coming months.

As always, with Version 0.1 of the book, there may be production problems. If you run into issues with your copy of the book, let me know!

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