Spoiler Alert!

Every weekday, as part of maintaining AndroidX Tech, I round up all of the new and updated artifacts that are available on Google’s Maven repo (those that begin with androidx., anyway).

These showed up this morning:

  • androidx.compose:compose-compiler:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.compose:compose-runtime:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-core:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-layout:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-framework:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-animation:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-animation-core:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-android-text:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-material:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-tooling:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-platform:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-vector:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-foundation:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-text:0.1.0-dev01
  • androidx.ui:ui-test:0.1.0-dev01

In other words, Jetpack Compose has arrived, in an early pre-release form.

Though, as it turns out, not really. The androidx.compose artifacts appear to be empty, other than a META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file in each.

Ian Lake did not seem to mention Compose in his release tweetstream. That, and their empty contents, means that is possible that these androidx.compose artifacts were accidentally put into the Maven repo.

A quick skim of the androidx.ui artifacts shows that they do have code. However, they depend upon androidx.compose:compose-runtime, and since that is empty, it is unclear if the androidx.ui artifacts will work either.

So, I do not know what to make of these artifacts. I and others will experiment with them, and if we can get them working somehow, we’ll be writing about it.