Android Summit 2019!

I’ll be back at the Android Summit this year, being held August 14-15 in the Washington DC area!

I am leading a short workshop: “From RxJava to Coroutines”. As the name suggests, we will take an existing small RxJava-based app and convert it to using Kotlin’s coroutines:

  • Replacing Completable and Single with simple suspend functions

  • Replacing Observable with channels and flows

  • Replacing tests with… other, more coroutine-y tests

I am honored and moderately frightened that the organizers put my workshop immediately after Chet Haase’s opening keynote. I promise to do my level best, so attendees avoid any post-Chet letdown.

The Summit has expanded to two days this year and has quite the lineup of speakers. If you can get to the DC area, we’d love to see you there!

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